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As Oregonians Start Voting, Tina Kotek Rallies Supporters in “Fighting for Working Families” Tour

Momentum Builds with Events Featuring U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Gov. Jay Inslee, AFL-CIO President, Child Care Providers, and Oregon Workers

[Portland, OR] – Over the past five days, Tina Kotek rallied supporters in her “Fighting for Working Families” tour, highlighting the stark contrasts in the Governor’s race and encouraging Oregonians to vote.

Tina launched the tour with U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and The Mother PAC last Wednesday at a local pharmacy in Southeast Portland. They laid out their shared goals of lowering prescription drug costs, making housing more affordable, and expanding access to affordable child care.

On Thursday, Tina and AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler hosted a roundtable discussion with Oregon workers. From The Portland TribuneNational AFL-CIO chief: Kotek has a ‘proven track record:’”

Shuler said, “Look at the amount of money that is being spent on attack ads. But we can beat big money every time at the grassroots. That’s what we do in the labor movement — knock on doors, make those phone calls and talk to people at work sites about the issues. Once you know where she stands on the issues, there is no choice except her — because she is with workers every time.

On Friday, the Tina Kotek campaign launched a new digital ad featuring former President Barack Obama, first reported by the Oregon Capital Chronicle, “Obama records Kotek campaign ad in tight Oregon Governor race:

“In the video, a seated Obama talks directly to the camera, calling Kotek the “real deal.” He describes her legislation to raise the state minimum wage and pass the country’s strongest abortion protections, as well as her campaign priorities of lowering housing and health care costs, protecting the environment and supporting workers. 

“‘Tina knows things are broken, but she’s a fixer. Always has been, always will be,’ Obama said. ‘And she’s the leader we need in this moment.’”

The “Fighting for Working Families” tour also focused on Tina’s housing and homelessness plans, including a stop in Corvallis on Friday.

Unlike Drazan and Betsy Johnson, Tina is bringing forward real solutions to solve our homelessness crisis.

Project Turnkey, which converts motels into shelters, is a great example. Tina visited one of the successful Turnkey sites in Corvallis. From KVAL: Democratic candidate for Oregon Governor, Tina Kotek, visits Corvallis:”

“Democratic candidate for Oregon Governor, Tina Kotek, says her goal over the final two and a half weeks is to talk to every voter possible about solutions for Oregon’s problems.

“One of the biggest problems is homelessness, and on Friday Kotek was in Corvallis supporting a possible solution.

“As governor, Tina Kotek says she would work on solving problems.”

On Saturday afternoon, Tina met with child care providers in Washington County for an important conversation about how they are struggling to stay open and how the state can step up support.

In the evening, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren headlined a huge Get Out The Vote Rally at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland. Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley, An Do from Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon, and the Decemberists fired up local Tina supporters and urged them to knock doors, make phone calls, and help elect Tina as our next governor.

From KGW: ‘I came here because Oregon is dangerously close to flipping red’ | Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigns for Tina Kotek in Portland:”

“‘I didn’t come here because I believe this is a safe seat. I came here because Oregon is dangerously close to flipping red, and we have 17 election days to keep that from happen,’ Sen. Warren told the crowd. 

“The Senator from Massachusetts pleaded for attendees to keep door-knocking, phone-banking and rallying support around Kotek. 

“‘I will be a governor for the entire state,’ said Kotek, ‘And on day one, we’re going to get to work – taking on our homelessness challenge, making sure people have access to mental health and addiction treatment. We have work to do here and we don’t have to become a right-wing state to fix our problems.’”

On Sunday, Tina joined a powerful discussion with child care providers, working parents, and Governor Jay Inslee in Astoria. Tina heard directly from parents who said that without access to child care, they might be forced to quit their jobs or move out of the community. She also heard from a local elementary school teacher who is using Student Success funding, which Tina championed in 2019, to expand early learning opportunities.

Christine Drazan voted against the Student Success Act, which created a new, dedicated Early Learning fund that is providing about $200 million every year to fund early learning programs. This funding is serving about 15,000 kids under the age of five and their families. Still, Drazan is actively campaigning on a promise to cut the Student Success funding, and she will always side with big corporations over working families.

Tina finished her “Fighting for Working Families” tour by visiting small business owners in Seaside and supporters in Newport on Sunday, emphasizing her commitment to tackle our housing and homelessness crisis, expand access to mental health and addiction services, and keep working to create better opportunities for all Oregonians to thrive.

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