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Christine Drazan Is Dodging Oregon Reporters But Making Lots of Time for Fox News

Drazan is trying to hide right-wing agenda on abortion, gun violence, and threats to our democracy

[Portland, OR] – Republican candidate for governor Christine Drazan is dodging Oregon reporters, but she’s making plenty of time to answer softball questions from her friends at Fox News.

“Rep. Drazan wants to avoid answering local reporters’ questions about her so-called ‘new direction’ because she doesn’t have any real plans to solve Oregon’s biggest problems,” Katie Wertheimer, communications director said. “On abortion, on gun violence, on the environment – her plan is just to move Oregon to the far right, and that’s out-of-touch with most Oregonians.”

Yesterday, it became clear that while Drazan was snubbing Central Oregon Daily News, she was making plenty of time for the national audience on Fox News instead.

Central Oregon Daily News published this headline yesterday, October 3: “Christine Drazan does not attend 1-on-1 interview with Central Oregon Daily.” The outlet reported that after multiple attempts to schedule an interview, Drazan was still refusing to answer their questions about abortion, the homelessness crisis, and the minimum wage:

“Central Oregon Daily News then offered multiple opportunities to accommodate Drazan’s schedule, including doing the interview via Zoom prior to October 3, the date we published the interviews with Kotek and Johnson.

“The Drazan campaign has yet to respond.”

But Drazan did make time in her schedule for Fox News yesterday, tweeting at 9:34pm that she was about to go on Fox News.

In the past month, Drazan has made time to appear on Fox News at least four times, while dodging local Oregon reporters.

Drazan’s tactic to run and hide from tough questions is not new, however. Her most stunning dodge of this election cycle may have been in the Republican primary, when she backed out of KGW’s debate the day after the draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked to the public. Instead of answering questions about her beliefs on abortion in that debate, Drazan backed out at the last minute.

After nineteen children were murdered at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, Drazan, who has an “A” rating from the NRA, refused to speak with Oregon press about her views on gun violence, dodging inquiries from KOIN and KGW.

Drazan also doubled down on that strategy when she tried to hide her extreme anti-abortion stance by deleting sections of her campaign website after she won the Republican primary.

“No matter how hard she tries to avoid questions from the local press, Christine Drazan can’t hide her far-right agenda on abortion, gun violence, and threats to our democracy,” Wertheimer said.

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