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Good News on Labor Day: Oregon is Ranked Best State to Work in America, Thanks to Policies Tina Kotek Championed

Kotek: “I will always be on the side of working people”

[Portland, OR] – This Labor Day weekend, a new survey ranks Oregon as the No. 1 best state to work in America and the No. 1 state for working women – thanks in large part to policies that Tina Kotek championed as Speaker of the House.

Oxfam, a charitable organization focused on inequality, released its 2022 ranking of the best and worst states to work in America. The report cites several policies that Tina championed as the reason for Oregon’s top ranking: a strong minimum wagepaid sick leave, and solid protections for the right to organize and form unions.

“As Governor, I will always be on the side of working people,” said Tina Kotek, Democratic nominee for Governor of Oregon. “The past few years have brought extreme challenges to all of us:  rising costs, dangerous working conditions, and threats to fundamental rights, including the right to control your own body. We still have more work to do, and I am the only candidate for governor who will be a force for positive change for working families.”

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Christine Drazan is aligned with national Republicans and will side with corporate special interests over working families. She openly supported Trump’s tax bill that overwhelmingly benefitted corporations and the wealthy, while raising taxes on middle class working families in the long run. 

Conservative, unaffiliated candidate Betsy Johnson has a long record of siding with corporate special interests over working Oregonians. She is a wealthy timber heiress who is out-out-touch with most Oregonians – she even voted against raising the minimum wage, against paid sick days for workers, and against expediting unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

In this three-way race, Tina is the only candidate who has earned the support of the Oregon Nurses Association, the Oregon State Building & Construction Trades Council, and other trusted organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Oregon workers across the state. View more endorsements here: https://www.tinafororegon.com/endorsements/

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