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Letter to the Editor: Kotek for women’s rights

Right-wing politicians are dismantling access to abortion, and the Supreme Court appears ready to overturn Roe vs. Wade by this summer, which would officially erase nearly 50 years of precedent. Forcing people to carry a pregnancy to term is a burden that will fall hardest on Black women; even with Roe in place, the U.S. is the only developed nation where maternal mortality is rising. 

While abortion rights are protected in Oregon statute, we cannot be complacent. I’m voting for Tina Kotek for governor because she is committed to protecting our health care rather than decimating it.  

Reproductive freedom has helped me thrive. I don’t have health insurance because my job doesn’t offer it, and I make too much to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan. Thanks to Tina’s tireless work to pass the Reproductive Health Equity Act, I know my reproductive care is covered. I now have access to birth control and annual exams, which has made me a healthier and safer person in the community.  

This election is about who has the authority to make decisions for you and who can control how your future is going to be. Please join me in voting for Tina Kotek. 

Molly Newhard, Springfield 

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