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Letter to the Editor: Kotek for Oregon’s Environment

As a student at the University of Oregon and an inhabitant of this beautiful state, I believe we must protect the natural environment, including the many gifts it has given us. I spend much of my free time outdoors because nature provides me with mental clarity and physical benefits. I am extremely grateful not only for Oregon’s beautiful environment but also Oregonians’ strong efforts to maintain a healthy relationship with and to protect our planet.

Seeing the worsening effects of climate change combined with our lack of action as a global society against it, I have become increasingly worried about the future of our great state. The recent summer fires are going to continue and worsen if we do not carry on with our statewide attitude of being fierce climate champions. Our attitude has defined the state of Oregon and Oregonians for quite some time. We must keep it this way. Oregon is a national leader when it comes to green energy, conservation and ecological awareness.

If we do not elect Tina Kotek as our Democratic representative in the race for governor then there is a threat for all of our monumental progress to be erased. Kotek is the only candidate prioritizing climate action. In 2021, she championed the 100 percent Clean Energy for All bill, which sets us on a path to 100 percent clean electricity by 2040. I’m voting for Kotek to be our next governor because she is a climate champion and the right person to lead Oregon.

Ian Gonzalez


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