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Letter to the Editor: Kotek has supported public school students

As a current high school junior at Franklin High School, I see every day how Tina Kotek’s leadership has impacted me in school. It wasn’t until recently that I recognized that the resources and opportunities I’ve been afforded don’t just magically appear, but are a result of courageous, groundbreaking legislation.

As House speaker, Tina fought to make schools like mine better. She advocated for the construction of new high schools so that I can go to school in a safe, updated building. Franklin’s free meals and expanded mental health supports are a result of Tina’s leadership to get the Student Success Act passed. And I have Tina’s work on Oregon Promise to thank for the guarantee of a free community college education if I choose.

As Tina Kotek embarks on her mission to the governor’s office, I offer my support because I know that Tina will keep fighting for students and communities like mine. There’s no one I trust more than Tina Kotek to continue the fight to make our schools a more rewarding, equitable and safe place for all Oregon students.

Oscar Ponteri, Southeast Portland

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