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Letter to the Editor: Tina Kotek for Governor

Snow-laden conifers, silent forest, sparkling crystals in the sun. Cross-country skiing on the flanks of Mount Hood. Enjoying the peacefulness. And terrified that my granddaughters will never experience this joy.

That’s one of many reasons that I am supporting Tina Kotek for governor. She is the only candidate for governor who is prioritizing climate. She is a proven champion for climate. She has experience getting real changes made. Under her leadership as Speaker, we’ve had our biggest successes, like the 100% Clean Energy for All bill (HB 2021) and the Clean Fuels Program.

As the latest IPCC report makes clear, our opportunity to prevent worse wildfires, heat domes, droughts, hurricanes, flooding, and famine is rapidly closing. Oregon needs our governor to be focused and effective to improve the efficiency of our homes (less cost, more comfort), get our power generation off oil and gas, shift our transportation to electric, and put more carbon into the ground through our forests and farmlands instead of into our air.

We need the right person who will move on this from her first day in office. Join me in actively supporting Tina Kotek for our next governor. This could make all the difference.

— Joe Stenger, Portland

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