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New TV Ad Sets the Record Straight on Drazan’s Failed Record on Homelessness

“Christine Drazan is a good politician, but a terrible liar.”

[Portland, OR] – The Tina Kotek campaign launched a new TV ad setting the record straight on Republican Christine Drazan’s failed record on homelessness.

Almost three years ago, Tina Kotek called for a state of emergency on Oregon’s homelessness crisis. Governor Kate Brown did nothing. Republican Christine Drazan did even worse: she walked off the job, killing millions of dollars for homeless shelters and affordable housing construction.

But, Drazan’s failed record doesn’t end there:

  • Drazan voted against legislation to prevent no-cause evictions and protect Oregonians from huge rent spikes.
  • Drazan opposed legislation to protect Oregonians from being evicted or losing their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Drazan also opposed expanding the state’s shelter capacity by purchasing and converting motels, an effort that increased shelter capacity statewide by 20% in less than seven months.

“The national GOP and Christine Drazan’s campaign are spending millions on false attack ads in an attempt to distract from the truth: Drazan opposed every effort to address Oregon’s homelessness crisis, and she has zero plans to address it now,” said Katie Wertheimer, communications director. “The only so-called ‘new direction’ Drazan is offering is a hard turn to the right-wing that most Oregon voters do not want.”

Click HERE to view “Liar”

Below is the transcript for “Liar”:

[Narrator]: Christine Drazan’s ads? They’re just not true.

Tina Kotek called for a homelessness state of emergency nearly three years ago.

Not Kate Brown, not Christine Drazan.

In fact, the action that Kotek pushed? More shelters. More drug and mental health treatment. More resources for public safety.

Christine Drazan killed it all.

The only change she’s offering is a hard-right turn.

Christine Drazan is a good politician, but a terrible liar.

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