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Tina Kotek and Oregon Elected Leaders Speak Out Against Extremism and Highlight Drazan’s Ties to Election Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and MAGA Republicans

[Portland, OR] – On Friday and Monday, Tina Kotek and Oregon elected leaders addressed growing threats to democracy and criticized GOP candidate Christine Drazan for embracing election deniers, conspiracy theorists, and MAGA Republicans as some of her biggest funders, stump speakers, and allies. 

Tina Kotek said, “The people most intent on getting Christine Drazan elected are beholden to Donald Trump and will keep peddling his dangerous rhetoric. As our next governor. I will always stand up to extremism and fight for Oregon families.” 

Sen. Ron Wyden said, “This is not a drill, Oregon. With just over a week to go until the election, there is a clear and present danger to our democracy in our state and in our nation.”

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici said, “This is not a partisan issue. It shouldn’t be about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about taking a stand against extremism, which everyone should be doing here in Oregon and across the country. Tina Kotek is the candidate for governor who has what it takes to protect us from the very real threats to democracy. Think of the message it would send if someone like Christine Drazan was the Oregon governor.”

Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney said, “I have seen Tina up close and personal like nobody else has seen. And I’m just gonna tell you, she’s got what it takes… When you talk about democracy, and loving Oregon, it comes down to individuals in crucial roles at crucial times.”

Salem Mayor-elect Chris Hoy said, “Christine Drazan has repeatedly refused to condemn the growing faction of Republicans who are following Trump’s lead and still refusing to accept the results of the 2020 Election…you cannot have Trump’s Republican Party takeover our state.”


Christine Drazan’s ties to extremists have been widely reported on. Her extreme team includes a far-right militia leader, a top financial backer of the January 6th insurrection, and a QAnon conspiracy theorist. On the debate stage, Drazan outright refused to denounce dangerous election deniers like avowed QAnon conspiracy theorist and Oregon GOP Senate nominee Jo Rae Perkins. 

As Election Day nears, extreme groups have ramped up their support for Drazan’s campaign. Last week, Oregon Right to Life started propping up her campaign with a new digital ad while Drazan campaigned alongside anti-choice former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. One of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion groups also rallied behind Drazan last week with a new endorsement, a press conference, and new webpage. 

“If elected, Christine Drazan would cater to right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists — just like she’s done throughout her campaign,” said Katie Wertheimer, communications director. “Tina Kotek is a fixer – always has been, always will be – and she is the leader we need to take on Oregon’s biggest challenges as our next Governor.”

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