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Tina Kotek Launches New TV Ad Focused on Tackling Homelessness

“Tina understands the challenge and she truly cares”

[Portland, OR] – The Tina for Oregon campaign released a new TV ad, “Cares,” featuring Ed Blackburn, a housing and health care leader with more than 27 years of experience. 

In the ad, Blackburn describes Tina’s comprehensive plan to get Oregonians off the streets and into stable housing, as well as her plan to ensure every Oregonian has access to mental health and addiction treatment.  

“As Governor, Tina will take on the homelessness crisis with urgency. Her plan adds new street outreach teams to work with people on the streets, get them the services they need, and help them get stable and into permanent housing,” said Katie Wertheimer, communications director. “We can’t afford to go backward, but Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson would make our homelessness crisis worse if either of them are elected.”

Click HERE to view “Cares”

Below is the transcript for “Cares”:

[Ed Blackburn]: It’s easy to just drive by, criticize and speculate.

We need a plan to help get people off the streets. So everyone is safe.

Tina Kotek has the plan to do it. It’s strategic and it’s accountable. 

From expanding treatment programs for addiction and mental health to putting new outreach workers on the ground. Plus, more shelters and affordable housing.

After 27 years of working on these issues I can tell you – Tina understands the challenge and she truly cares.

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