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Tina Kotek Launches Opening TV Ad of the General Election

New Ad Highlights Tina’s Background and Her Plan to Address Homelessness Related to Serious Mental Illness and Addiction

[Portland, OR] – Today the Tina for Oregon campaign launched its first TV ad of the general election. 

The ad, “Food Bank,” highlights Tina’s background helping Oregonians struggling to make ends meet, including volunteering at her church’s food pantry and working as an advocate at Oregon Food Bank. She understands the complexity of Oregon’s homelessness crisis, and as Governor, she has a plan to help people who suffer from serious mental illness and addiction move off the streets.

“Unlike some other politicians, Tina just doesn’t drive by problems and criticize, hoping to score political points,” said Ed Blackburn, former head of a nationally recognized non-profit providing health services and housing for low-income Oregonians. “Tina has a plan to address homelessness that is based on sound strategy and good sense. After over 30 years of working on housing, addiction, mental health and employment services, I can tell you that Tina is the real deal. She understands the challenges and will keep working hard for us all.”

“Food Bank” highlights Tina’s plans to tackle Oregon’s housing and homelessness crisis and address mental health and addiction. In contrast, conservative candidate Betsy Johnson’s platform was recently described as “skeletal,” and Republican candidate Christine Drazan is taking her cues from national Republicans who are deeply out of touch with most Oregonians.

Click HERE to view “Food Bank”

Below is the transcript:

[Tina]: Early on, I worked at Oregon Food Bank, and I still volunteer at my church’s food pantry.

I’ve seen people struggle for all kinds of reasons. 

Including mental health issues and addiction.

That’s why my plan increases access to local treatment programs. 

And puts new outreach workers on the ground, tent by tent. 

To help people get off the streets.

So they’re safe. 

So we’re all safe.

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