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Tina Kotek Tours Project Turnkey Site

Yesterday, Tina Kotek toured the ARCHES Inn, a Project Turnkey site located in Salem. As House Speaker, Kotek championed the investment of $75 million to convert motels and hotels into temporary shelters for Oregonians left unhoused by COVID-19 and by the 2020 Labor Day wildfires. Within one year, Project Turnkey created 19 new shelters in 13 counties across the state, raising the state’s supply of emergency shelters by 20%. Following her tour, Kotek said the following: 

“Helping our neighbors who are living outside is an urgent issue across the state. We can’t keep responding with the same old ideas. That’s why I championed funding for Project Turnkey, which will help thousands of Oregonians move along the path to permanent housing.

“As Governor, I will build on this progress, taking on all the aspects of our housing crisis, from houselessness to home ownership.”

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