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WATCH: New Ad Denounces Christine Drazan’s Harmful Right-Wing Record and Close Ties to Extremists

[Portland, OR] – Today, Tina Kotek’s campaign for Governor launched a new ad denouncing Christine Drazan for her far-right, dangerous agenda and close ties to election deniers and violent extremists. 

Watch the new ad, “Stoking,” here.

The ad emphasizes how Drazan’s harmful record consists of killing solutions to the issues that matter most to Oregonians — including addressing homelessness and protecting the environment. 

The ad also calls out Drazan’s ties to election deniers and violent extremists and illustrates what’s at stake if right-wing Drazan is elected governor — from gutting protections for LGBTQ+ Oregonians to eliminating reproductive rights. 

Tina Kotek Communications Director Katie Wertheimer said: “Christine Drazan’s extremist allies and harmful record of opposing reproductive rights and solutions to the housing crisis may be in line with Donald Trump and the MAGA GOP, but they’re out of touch with working Oregonians. There’s too much at stake to allow Christine Drazan to put Oregon on a fast track to the far-right.” 

Full transcript of the new ad:

Narrator: A made-for-tv candidate stoking fear, backed by election deniers and violent extremists, Christine Drazan is using Trump’s playbook. 

Drazan already killed bills to address homlessness and protect our environment. As governor, she’d ban abortions, gut protections for LGBTQ Oregonians, and worker protections too. 

So if you want Oregon to go hard right–”

Christine Drazan: “–then I’m your girl.” 

Narrator: “Drazan’s the wrong direction for Oregon.”

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