New TV ad: Oregon Mom is a “Hard No” on NRA-Backed Candidate Betsy Johnson

“A governor should keep people safe. Betsy Johnson has already failed that test.” [Portland, OR] – Today, the Tina for Oregon campaign released a new TV ad highlighting former Senator Betsy Johnson’s long record of opposing common-sense legislation to prevent gun violence in Oregon.  In May, shortly after 19 children were murdered in a mass shooting at an […]

Christine Drazan Caught in National Republican Effort to Hide Extreme Positions on Abortion

“Republican candidates around the country are trying to disappear the hardline anti-abortion stances they took during their primaries.” [Portland, OR] – Today Axios revealed that Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Drazan is part of a national trend they dubbed the “big scrub,” where GOP candidates around the country are trying to “disappear the hardline anti-abortion stances they took during […]

Tina for Oregon Releases New TV Ad Featuring Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon

“She is the only candidate for governor that we trust to protect women’s health care” [Portland, OR] – The Tina for Oregon campaign released a new TV ad featuring Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon’s Executive Director, An Do. In the ad, An highlights Tina’s track record as a champion for reproductive rights who passed the nation’s strongest abortion access […]

Tina Kotek: A track record to count on

Homelessness, soaring prices, crime, addiction, wildfires, drought – we all know things are tough. I’m running for governor because I’m a problem solver. I believe in Oregon and what it can be. I will do everything I can to find solutions and to make things better. The three major candidates for governor have all been […]

Week in Review: Rolling Stone Blasts Betsy Johnson as “Machine-Gun Toting Darling of GOP Megadonors”

In Other News: Reproductive Rights Advocates Urge Oregon Voters to Support Tina Kotek for Governor, Drazan and Johnson are Out-of-Touch with most Voters on Guns [Portland, OR] – Rolling Stone brought national attention to the Oregon governor’s race on Monday, labeling Betsy Johnson as the “machine-gun toting darling of GOP megadonors.” Reporter Tim Dickinson scorched Johnson on many […]

New Poll Shows “Vast Majority” of Oregonians Support Gun Violence Prevention Efforts

Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson Out-of-Step with Voters on Guns, Both Have “A” Ratings from NRA [Portland, OR] – New data released this week by the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center shows that the “vast majority” of Oregonians believe in gun violence prevention legislation, which solidifies the dynamics of this year’s governor’s race in Tina Kotek’s favor. […]

Patrick Starnes Endorses Tina Kotek for Governor

Starnes, long-time advocate for campaign finance reform, has run for governor as both an Independent and a Democrat [Portland, OR] – Today former candidate for governor Patrick Starnes endorsed Tina Kotek for Oregon Governor. Starnes, a cabinetmaker from Brownsville, was the Independent Party nominee for Governor in 2018 and a candidate in the Democratic gubernatorial […]

As Idaho’s Extreme Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect, Reproductive Rights Advocates Urge Oregon Voters to Support Tina Kotek for Governor

[Portland, OR] – With Idaho’s extreme, near-total abortion ban set to go into effect tomorrow, reproductive rights advocates made the case for electing Tina Kotek as Oregon’s next governor at a press conference in downtown Portland today.  Idaho’s abortion ban will limit access to health care services for Idahoans and many Eastern Oregonians. It will […]

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