Tina Kotek and Oregon Elected Leaders Speak Out Against Extremism and Highlight Drazan’s Ties to Election Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and MAGA Republicans

[Portland, OR] – On Friday and Monday, Tina Kotek and Oregon elected leaders addressed growing threats to democracy and criticized GOP candidate Christine Drazan for embracing election deniers, conspiracy theorists, and MAGA Republicans as some of her biggest funders, stump speakers, and allies.  Tina Kotek said, “The people most intent on getting Christine Drazan elected are beholden […]

WATCH: New Ad Denounces Christine Drazan’s Harmful Right-Wing Record and Close Ties to Extremists

[Portland, OR] – Today, Tina Kotek’s campaign for Governor launched a new ad denouncing Christine Drazan for her far-right, dangerous agenda and close ties to election deniers and violent extremists.  Watch the new ad, “Stoking,” here. The ad emphasizes how Drazan’s harmful record consists of killing solutions to the issues that matter most to Oregonians — including […]

Editorial Boards Across Oregon Praise Tina Kotek for Strong Record, Clear Ideas, and Sense of Urgency to Address Homelessness

While Kotek has earned endorsements from 7 Editorial Boards, Republican Christine Drazan has earned none. [Portland, OR] – As Tina Kotek focuses on fixing the biggest issues facing Oregon families, editorial boards across the state are touting her specific plans to fix Oregon’s homelessness crisis, pointing to her strong record of leadership and sense of […]

Bernie Blasts Nike Founder: ‘Democracy Is Not Billionaires Buying Elections’

“Bernie Sanders’ barnstorming tour to rescue the 2022 midterms for Democrats took a spicy turn in Oregon on Thursday. The populist Vermont senator and serial Democratic presidential candidate appeared at a downtown Portland concert venue to stump for Democrat Tina Kotek, who is locked in tight race for governor — thanks largely to the political […]

Reproductive Rights Top of Mind in Final Days of Oregon Governor’s Race: Drazan Campaigns with Anti-Abortion Leaders, Kotek Commits to Defend Reproductive Freedom

[Portland, OR] – In the final days in the Oregon governor’s race, both Tina Kotek and Christine Drazan are making reproductive rights a top issue — and the contrast is more stark than ever. This week, Tina Kotek traveled the state to lay out her plan to defend reproductive rights alongside leaders from Planned Parenthood […]

Kotek promotes reproductive rights in campaign stop in Eugene

“Drazan, who’s the Republican candidate, wants to ban abortion,” Kotek said. “She’s been very clear about that, and as governor would have a lot of ability to impede the work that we have done here in Oregon to provide access to reproductive care. She even sponsored a bill in Oregon that would have gone after […]

Extreme Anti-Choice Groups Rally Behind Drazan in the Last 24 Hours, Planned Parenthood PAC Board Member & Tina Kotek Campaign Respond

[Bend, OR] – Yesterday, one of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion groups announced they’ve officially endorsed Christine Drazan for governor, calling her an “unwavering pro-life partner and fierce advocate.”  The extreme group appears to be coordinating with Oregon Right to Life, which held a press conference in support of Drazan yesterday and launched a new webpage, where they stated Drazan is “committed” and “proven” when it comes to […]

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