Local Elected Officials Set the Record Straight on Christine Drazan’s Failed Record on Homelessness

Eugene Mayor: “Christine Drazan’s only record on Oregon’s homelessness crisis is that she chose partisanship and corporate special interests over Oregonians” [Salem, OR] – Local elected officials from Beaverton, Eugene, and Salem joined Tina Kotek for a press conference in Salem yesterday to set the record straight on Republican Christine Drazan’s failed record on homelessness. […]

New TV Ad Sets the Record Straight on Drazan’s Failed Record on Homelessness

“Christine Drazan is a good politician, but a terrible liar.” [Portland, OR] – The Tina Kotek campaign launched a new TV ad setting the record straight on Republican Christine Drazan’s failed record on homelessness. Almost three years ago, Tina Kotek called for a state of emergency on Oregon’s homelessness crisis. Governor Kate Brown did nothing. […]

Christine Drazan’s Climate Plan is to … Send a Letter to Congress?

Drazan Flubs Discussion of Climate Change in Willamette Week Interview, Reveals Opposition to Inflation Reduction Act [Portland, OR] – At an endorsement interview with the Willamette Week last week, Republican Christine Drazan bragged that she sponsored legislation to support a “very specific” federal response to the climate crisis. The hard-hitting legislation? A memorial resolution (aka […]

The Oregonian Endorses Tina Kotek for Governor

Her talent for developing specific policy solutions is unrivaled, with her plan to address Oregon’s housing shortage and homelessness as a case study. Her nine years as House speaker demonstrate her tenacity in tackling daunting challenges and success in assembling support to follow through. And her exacting standards bode well for oversight of state agencies […]

Abortion is Central to Oregon’s All-Women Governors’ Race

In another election cycle, reproductive rights would not likely be a major focus in Oregon, which already has some of the most progressive abortion legislation in the country. But since the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in June, the topic has become a top […]

Bend Source Weekly Endorses Tina Kotek for Governor

Kotek is a hard-driving legislator. No one is arguing that. However, it is in this drive that we’ve actually seen progress in addressing the issue of homelessness, and in correcting the problems that led to so much inequality in the housing sector over the past few decades. Kotek was instrumental in funding the statewide homeless […]

Senator Merkley: Drazan and Johnson are Out of Step with Oregonians’ Values on Environmental Protections, Climate Chaos

Merkley Urges Oregonians to Support Tina Kotek for Governor [Portland, OR] – Today U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley urged Oregonians to support Democratic nominee Tina Kotek for Governor at a press conference in downtown Portland. “Both Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson are taking massive checks from big oil and corporate polluters, like the Koch Brothers. And […]

New TV Ad: Drazan Can’t Hide Her Right-Wing Agenda for Oregon

Footage Reveals Drazan, in Her Own Words, Bragging about NRA Endorsement and Pledging to Sign Abortion Ban [Portland, OR] – The Tina Kotek campaign has launched a new TV ad featuring Republican Christine Drazan revealing her right-wing agenda, in her own words. The ad includes video of Drazan bragging about her endorsement from the NRA and pledging to sign an […]

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